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General Questions


1- Will somebody speaks English to me at the hospital or is there a translator?
Yes, an English speaking member of our GSIT support team will meet you at reception and assist with your full stay at the hospital.


2- Whom do I pay the hospital or GSIT?
You will pay at the hospital and a member of our GSIT support team will assist you with the payment procedure.

3- How many companions can I bring with me?
You can bring 1 companion with you.

4- Does somebody speak English when I meet the Doctor?
An English speaking member of our GSIT support team will assist with doctors visits and for your full stay at the hospital.

5- What time is the discharge from the hospitals?
Discharge is usually around midday however this depends on your health condition and flight times.

6- What hotel will I be staying in when I am there?
You will be booked into Raddison Park Inn and The Ilayda Avantgarde Kusadasi (subject to availability) or a similar hotel.

7- Will I need permission from the Doctor in Turkey to Fly Home?
Yes, you will get a fit to fly certificate once you are assessed and ready to leave the hospital.

8- If I have questions after my booking is there a special number to contact you on?

Yes, we have a 24/7 emergency phone / WhatsApp number: 00905300416981

9- What happens after I formally make my booking?
A member of our GSIT team will send you an email with the relevant documents to be completed and any paperwork required to confirm your booking.

10- When do I receive my arrival details?
You will receive your arrival information approximately 1 week before your procedure date.

11- When do I pay?
You pay on arrival in cash and a member of our GSIT hospital support team will assist you.

12- Are there representatives for GSIT at the hospital and do they speak English?
Yes, we have a full support team that speaks English at the hospital and are on call for our patients 24/7.

13- I am travelling alone do I need to pay extra for assistance when I am at the hospital?
No, our GSIT team will be on hand to assist you and there is no extra charge.

14- Do I need to have Turkish Lira with me at the hospital?
Yes, we recommend that you have a small amount of Turkish lira for any personal expenses.

15- Can they fly in on Sunday and stay at the hospital even though my surgery is not on that day?
Yes, that is possible depending on the landing time of your flight please note our team will need to verify this with you.

16- Do I need to remove my acrylic or gel nails prior to surgery?
Yes, this is essential and required by the surgical team.

17- Do I need to sign documents before I see the doctor?
Yes, all consent forms need to be checked by you and signed when you check into the hospital, this is the policy from the Turkish Health Minister.

18- Can I get a blow-dry or some beauty treatments when I am in the hospital?

Yes, at the Gozde Kusadasi a beautician comes to the hospital and at Ozel Saglik there is a hairdresser a couple of minutes away.

19- I am taking some medication do I need to get permission from my GP for any surgeries?
Yes, we recommend that you consult with your GP and sometimes our surgeons request confirmation letters from your GP this will depend on the procedure and any medical conditions you may have.

20- Is surgery safe?
As with all surgical procedures, there is some level of risk which is why we work with top surgeons. It is important that you follow all of your doctor’s pre-and post-op instructions carefully, and thoroughly discuss any and all medical conditions with your doctor prior to your procedure. This way, you will be sure you and your surgeon is prepared and that your body is appropriately cared for before, during and after surgery.


21- Does the doctor decide who goes down to surgery first according to pre-op tests?
The order of operations is decided by the surgeon which is out of our control.

22- I have been proscribed extra medication from my GP is it OK to take it?
If it is within the first month please check with our team first as it is not recommended by the surgeons to take additional medication in the first month after surgery.

23- How long should I book to stay off work after my surgery?
We recommend that after Sleeve surgery 1 week is enough as long as you do no heavy lifting. Plastic surgery varies so please contact our team for more information.

24- Who will be on a call following my surgery?
Our GSIT team will be on call to assist you during your time in the hospital.

25- When I get home after my surgery do I need to attend my GP for anything?
Yes, you will need to attend your GP for blood tests at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months.

26- Are the gallbladder meds in liquid form or tablet form?
Gallbladder medication is available in both liquid and tablet form.

27- How do the transfers work if I want to go to another city is that covered?
Kusadasi patients hotel and transfers are from Kusadasi only, Izmir hospital hotel and transfer are for Izmir only. If you are in Izmir and you want to travel to Kusadasi you will need to arrange your own accommodation and transfers.


28- Can I speak to the doctor before I arrive in Turkey is that possible?
Yes, this can be arranged with notice depending on the availability of the doctor.


29- Is it all-inclusive at the hotel after my surgery?
The hotel booking is Bed and Breakfast only.


30- Can I have some information about Dr Fikret, please?
Dr Fikret graduated in 2007 and has been a bariatric specialist since 2010, he has performed over 2000 operations.


31- Can I have some information about Dr Ugur, please?
Dr Ugur graduated in 2013 and has been a bariatric specialist since 2013, he has performed over 1000 operations.


32- Can I have some information about Dr Ismail, please?
Dr Ismail graduated in 2000 and has been a bariatric specialist since 2005, he has performed over 4000 operations in the last 5 years.


33- When can I swim after my surgery?
You can swim 3 weeks after your surgery.

35- When can I start gym after my surgery?
You can start gym a month after your surgery. Provided no to lift heavyweights.


34- How long after surgery is it OK for me to drive?
Most patients are driving within 4-5 days, however, you must ensure that you would be able to do an emergency stop without discomfort or pain.


35- When do I stop eating and drinking before my surgery?
You will need to stop eating at midnight of the day before the surgery and no liquids past 2am.


36- Can I book to have my surgery early in the day I don’t want to be last and being nervous all day?
Pre-op tests and consultations with doctors and surgeons are done in the morning and all operations are performed in the afternoon or evening. The operating hours may vary depending on the emergency surgery situations in the hospital.


37- If complications happen who is responsible to pay for the extra care?

There is no payment required should any complications happen for any extra medical treatment or hospital stay you can also get Insurance we recommend Travel Medical Shield you will need to arrange and pay for your own flights with this insurance.


38- I have an infection in two of my wounds and I’ve been given liquid form antibiotics and it’s causing me to vomit.
Is it safe for my Doctor to give me tablets?
It is recommended that you can take tablets 4 weeks after the surgery and all post op care meds should be checked with
the operating surgeon.

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